Is 'Family sharing' available for myatmo 'Premium'?


myatmo 'Premium' is available through a subscription that is not automatically renewed and that has to be renewed manually after it has expired.

Although Apple made various types of in-app purchases (such as auto-renewing subscriptions) available via family sharing at the end of 2020: non-auto-renewing subscriptions can still not be shared with family members via family sharing. Unfortunately, we cannot change that.

Subscriptions that can be shared with family members must be 'auto-renewing' and listed under 'Subscriptions' in your App Store account. Since a myatmo 'Premium' purchase is not such a 'auto-renewing' subscription, it is not available for family sharing.


"Apps that offer auto-renewable subscriptions and non-consumable in-app purchases can enable Family Sharing [...]".

The myatmo 'Premium' status can only be used for all devices under the same Apple ID.


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