InApp purchase to support further development? Why?


InApp purchase to support further development? Why?

The regular user of an app does not think about the fact that software like myatmo is the result of lengthy and complex work - therefore people think that software has to be free or must not cost more than 99 cents...

This impression is also encouraged by far-reaching jam rates for software products, which at the same time should be high-quality, state-of-the-art and support the latest hardware, which is given to us neither by Apple nor netatmo for free.

Software does not really come out of the sky, and nowadays, where a lot of software is apparently available free of charge, such products too have to be financed somehow, because software developers have to earn money, just like we all, unless a hobby programmer is at work. The financing of such projects usually takes place via obtrusive advertising, missing support etc.

Therefore, we would like to give you an insight into the costs of developing an app like myatmo:

  • Many do not know, but: from each InApp sale 15% of the selling price with Apple - from your (for example) € 11.99 remain gross € 10.19

  • After deducting the Apple commission, we have to pay sales tax. Here the tax rate is e.g. for Germany at 19% (until 31.12.2020 at 16%)

After all of the deductions by Apple, we get around € 8.56 from the original € 11.99

That means that we get 71% from what you paid.

From the remaining amount we must finance the following:

  • Thousands of hours of work have been and are still being invested in the development of myatmo - work that has to be paid just like any other work, too

  • Hardware had to be purchased and tested together with myatmo. Many users wanted Apple Watch support: Apple unfortunately did not send us a watch for free, so we had to purchase one

  • The maintenance of the app, the installation of new functions, new test cycles: all this costs time and money...

  • Many other running costs do incur, as is the case for any other company in Germany, not to mention the taxes to be paid. Website, customer service (yes, we really reply almost always within 12-24 hours!) etc. etc.

In short: you cannot develop a software like myatmo free of charge, unless you would like pay extra. Honestly, who pays his employer at the end of the month just because he lets you work for him?

The software prices have fallen in the last few years (since the advent of the AppStores) unfortunately partial to the bottomless. Software, made in Germany, has its price. Even if a software runs only on a 'small' device like an iPhone, this does not mean that the development of such software is associated with equally 'small' costs: often the opposite is the case.

We can not and do not want to go along the path of the "one-euro-shop" mentality

There are people behind myatmo who earn their livelihood with the production of software for which many are not willing to pay just one euro.

For an iPhone or iPad, hundreds of Euros are paid, but for many people software has to be free or should cost only one euro. For this one euro constant updates and new features are expected: and of course without new costs. Hardly any considering: without software, without apps is an iPhone or an iPad completely pointless.

If you are even a little realist, you realize that this is not possible. Therefore, we ask for support through an InApp purchase.

Many users are willing to pay this price - some are not. This is all right, because you can never do it right. If you are not able to support our work, you can surely use another comparable app, which is financed by other means.

Many thanks!

Your myatmo developers.


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