Problems with the myatmo Watch App?

If you have problems with the myatmo v3 Apple Watch app or with watch complications, uninstall myatmo from your iPhone, restart your iPhone and your Apple Watch (very important) and reinstall myatmo. This usually fixes any issues with the myatmo Apple Watch app.

 New financing of myatmo v2


Please note: this is a Google translation of the original German article.

Software development costs money. We have commented on this in detail in a separate article (German / English). In myatmo v2, funding for development and further development has been redesigned.

myatmo v1 - voluntary support via an InApp purchase

myatmo v1 financed itself through voluntary payments through InApp purchases, which (irrespective of price) permanently enabled all functions in myatmo v1. Unfortunately, many myatmo users were unwilling to contribute to the development and development of myatmo through voluntary payments, as unfortunately the expectation of mobile software being free has become widespread. We have also commented on this in detail in the above-mentioned article.

myatmo v2 - paid terms

myatmo v2 is now going new ways in terms of financing: via InApp purchases, 'myatmo v2 Premium' runtimes can now be unlocked, which unlock all functions of myatmo and remove all restrictions of the free version for a certain period of time. This allows each user to decide for themselves whether they want to forego the premium features, or would like to get access to all functions of the 'myatmo v2 Premium' version for a certain period.

Why this runtime model? Because the development and development costs simply money, as well as the reference of the DarkSky weather forecast data, which are displayed in myatmo in the lower forecast bar, software licenses and much more. 'myatmo v2 Premium' terms are to be activated for 3, 6 and 12 months via an InApp purchase at any time, or existing terms are to be extended at any time. They apply to all devices registered under a specific Apple ID. Synchronizing the 'myatmo Premium' run time between devices running an Apple ID requires an Internet connection on each device.

What would have been the alternative to this new funding model?

This is quick to say: myatmo would not have been further developed by us, because the costs of the further development, the forecast data (and many more things that a German company has to raise costs) could not be covered. We would have phased out myatmo with v1.9.10, discontinued support, stopped responding to user requests, and ended the project sooner or later.

What happens to a myatmo v1 InApp support purchase?

All users of myatmo v1 who have supported the development and further development of the software via a voluntary InApp purchase will get myatmo v2 Premium unlocked for up to 12 months, depending on the amount of support: for the highest InApp support 12 months, for the lowest 6 months.

This transfer of myatmo v1 support into myatmo v2 Premium happens completely automatically when you first start myatmo v2. All users who have supported us with the highest myatmo v1 InApp purchase will receive 12 months 'myatmo v2 premium', staggered to the most favorable support purchase, for which 6 months will be credited.

Can I continue to use myatmo v1?

Yes, on one condition: according to Apple's AppStore policy, all AppStore users are encouraged to back up their devices through iTunes software or the iCloud to back up purchased apps. If such a backup exists, and if such a backup contains myatmo v1, then myatmo v1 can be recovered from this backup and then used again. myatmo v1 is no longer available through the AppStore because Apple does not offer a download of old app versions.

What can I get with myatmo v2 Premium?

In the free myatmo v2 various functions are limited, such as Access to all available diagrams of the landscape view. Annual comparison, minimum and maximum diagrams, thermal diagram and some other diagrams and diagram functions are only available in 'myatmo v2 Premium'. This will be communicated to the user via an appropriate notice. Furthermore, DarkSky weather forecast data in 'myatmo v2 Premium' can be updated every 30 minutes (free version: once / 24 hours). Watch App and Watch Complications can only be freely configured in 'myatmo v2 Premium'. Also, the 'environment maps' feature is slightly functional in the free version of myatmo v2.

What's next with myatmo?

As in recent years, myatmo will be further developed and new features will be added, user requests (as far as appropriate and as often requested) built by us. We can not present an exact timetable for the further development, but it goes on clearly, because the further development makes us a lot of joy and it is also a pleasure for us to present you, what you get out of simple measurement data of the netatmo weather station can.

We thank you for your support and wish you lots of pleasure with myatmo v2.


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