Problems with the myatmo Watch App?

If you have problems with the myatmo v3 Apple Watch app or with watch complications, uninstall myatmo from your iPhone, restart your iPhone and your Apple Watch (very important) and reinstall myatmo. This usually fixes any issues with the myatmo Apple Watch app.

 Restore InApp purchase from myatmo v1 to myatmo v2


All users of myatmo v1 who have supported the development and further development of the software via a voluntary InApp purchase will get myatmo v2 Premium unlocked for up to 12 months, depending on the amount of support.

This transfer of myatmo v1 support to myatmo v2 Premium happens automatically the first time you start myatmo v2. All users who have supported us with the highest myatmo v1 InApp purchase will receive 12 months 'myatmo v2 Premium', staggered to the lowest support purchase for which 6 months will be credited.

In case the automatic transfer of the InApp purchase from myatmo v1 is not carried out, this can also be done manually:

  • Start myatmo on the iPhone
  • On the overview screen with all modules of your weather station, please tap on the button with the three dots in the upper left corner
  • In the left symbol menu, touch the 'star' symbol
  • On the following myatmo 'Premium' Sccreen, tap on the button 'Restore Support Purchase from myatmo v1' below
  • Follow the instructions

Important: A prerequisite for a successful transfer of a myatmo v1 InApp purchase is that in the past such a purchase was made using the current Apple ID. If this is not the case then a restoration or transmission is of course not possible.

InApp purchases are only valid for one Apple ID per Apple policy and are not transferable or family-sharing.


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