Problems with the myatmo Watch App?

If you have problems with the myatmo v3 Apple Watch app or with watch complications, uninstall myatmo from your iPhone, restart your iPhone and your Apple Watch (very important) and reinstall myatmo. This usually fixes any issues with the myatmo Apple Watch app.

 Why is at least iOS 11 required?


myatmo uses extensive technical features of iOS to create charts and visualize data. These features are only partially or incorrectly available and usable in iOS versions < iOS 11. The majority of myatmo users (approximately 98%) use devices that run iOS 11 (or better).

To ensure a meaningful development that is not limited by limitations of an outdated operating system, starting from myatmo v2.4.1 at least iOS 11 (or better) is required to run myatmo. Older iOS versions can no longer be supported, as the majority of users demand and (understandably) expect further development, which would not be possible if we continue to support an obsolete operating system which is only used by a small percentage of all users.

All users relying on iOS 9 or iOS 10 can still download myatmo from the AppStore. The AppStore will automatically offer a compatible version of myatmo for download on corresponding iOS 9 or iOS 10 devices. It may be necessary to delete an already installed myatmo version from the device in order to download the compatible version. Should problems arise when accessing the compatible version, iTunes support must be contacted, as Apple should provide the old myatmo version automatically.


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