Why is the DarkSky weather forecast bar planned to be discontinued?


After the takeover of DarkSky by Apple at the end of March 2020, the DarkSky data interface will be deactivated at the end of 2021 and DarkSky will then no longer provide paid forecast data to third-party apps such as myatmo.

Due to the currently lacking alternatives that come close in price to the DarkSky offer, the weather forecast bar included in myatmo will also be discontinued at the end of 2021, unless we can open a corresponding data service until then that comes close to that of DarkSky in terms of both performance and costs.

Please note: both the free version of myatmo as well as the 'Premium' version (as mentioned on the myatmo 'Premium' purchase screen within the myatmo iOS app) do not guarantee the availability of any third party service included to myatmo as such services are beyond the control of the myatmo developers.


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