Widgets don't update - what can I do?


iOS HomeScreen Widgets depend on the settings of the myatmo iOS app.

If myatmo was installed on your device for the first time or as an update, the myatmo iOS app must be started once to transfer configurations and settings to the widgets. Otherwise it is possible that widgets are displayed with no content or the widgets do not update data.

  1. Make sure that you start the myatmo iOS app after an update or after the first installation - this is very important. Especially after automatic app updates, you have to start the myatmo iOS app so that widgets continue to update their content
  2. Make sure that you have fully configured the myatmo iOS app before setting up widgets

If widgets still do not refresh, restart your device and try again.

Restart your device:

It is IMPERATIVE to restart your device manually after you have turned off your device from the

iOS settings >>> General >>> Turn off

This is VERY important!

If you still have problems, please note the following FAQ:

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