Welcome to myatmo, the alternative iOS app for netatmo weather stations

myatmo for netatmo weather stations

myatmo is an alternative iOS app for your netatmo weather station, with detailed charts and a user-friendly design, including Apple Watch App and Widgets. No other app for the netatmo weather station offers as much as myatmo.

Upgrade your netatmo weather station with myatmo and discover the variety and informational content of a plethora of metrics in beautiful, feature-rich and interactive charts. Not without reason many myatmo users call myatmo the 'unofficial official' app for netatmo weather stations!

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myatmo 'Premium' only as a subscription? Why?

App development is work like any other work. That means: app development costs money.

Users of apps expect:

  • the permanent maintenance of an app, incl. user support
  • the constant integration of new functions
  • the implementation of new operating system functions
  • the support of new hardware (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches)

This is not feasible with one-off purchases, of which only 51% of the price ends up with us developers after deduction of the Apple commission and sales tax. We work on myatmo every day: we have been testing and developing new potential functions for years, testing myatmo on new hardware, and integrating new operating system functions with every iOS version. This constant work constantly costs money. The (further) development of myatmo is actually an 8-hour job, at least 5 days a week - our customer service is sometimes even there for you on the weekends!

Therefore the myatmo 'Premium' version is only available through a subscription model. However, this subscription is not self-renewing, because we don't want you to be charged automatically (even if we would earn more with self-renewing subscriptions due to the lower Apple commission).

Every myatmo user can freely decide whether they want to use myatmo in full and how long they want to do so. 
With every purchase you support us in our development of myatmo, which has been going on for years. Permanent work must be paid permanent, just like any other work. That should go without saying and it is sad that we have to keep clarifying that, not only for myatmo, but also on behalf of other developers!

Thank you for your constant support in the further development of myatmo!

Your myatmo developers.


Please check our FAQ / Knowledgebase BEFORE (!!!) contacting us! There we have compiled a huge list of questions and answers to the most important issues that might occur while using myatmo.

No general netatmo support

If you have any questions about your netatmo hardware, if your readings are incorrect, or if there is another problem with your netatmo weather station: please contact the netatmo customer service at http://support.netatmo.com - we (as developer of the myatmo app) offer NO general customer service for the netatmo weather station, other netatmo hardware and/or netatmo software. Such requests remain unanswered by us.

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