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Please check our FAQ / Knowledgebase BEFORE (!!!) contacting us! There we have compiled a huge list of questions and answers to the most important issues that might occur while using myatmo.

No general netatmo support

If you have any questions about your netatmo hardware, if your readings are incorrect, or if there is another problem with your netatmo weather station: please contact the netatmo customer service at - we (as developer of the myatmo app) offer NO general customer service for the netatmo weather station, other netatmo hardware and/or netatmo software. Such requests remain unanswered by us.

Allow emails from

Please make sure that your email account is set to allow emails from Also check potential spam folders or other spam filtering settings or we might not be able to contact you back!

No support for older versions of myatmo

From July 1st, 2022, netatmo will deactivate the authentication method username / password (direct input into the myatmo app) that was used in older myatmo versions.

myatmo versions that still use this authentication method can no longer be used from July 1st, 2022. It is therefore necessary to update myatmo to a version currently available in the App Store!

myatmo Update iOS 16

Ein myatmo Update für iOS 16, welches unter anderem Darstellungsprobleme behebt, ist bei Apple zur Prüfung eingereicht und ist verfügbar sobald möglich! Bitte seht von einer Kontaktaufnahme diesbezüglich ab. Sobald Apple das Update geprüft hat, wird es im App Store verfügbar sein.

A myatmo update for iOS 16, which among other things fixes display problems, has been submitted to Apple for review and will be available as soon as possible! Please refrain from contacting us about this. Once Apple has reviewed the update, it will be available on the App Store.


General Information
Support for myatmo is available for users with an active myatmo Premium status. Please enter your Support ID as displayed in the myatmo 'Settings', right at the bottom of the 'Settings' screen. If no Support ID is displayed, please enter your 'Device ID' as displayed on the myatmo 'Premium' Purchase screen, right at the bottom. Thank you very much - this is the only way we can help quickly and easily! We reserve the right not to answer inquiries without an ID!
If you're using an iOS beta version and you've found a technical problem with myatmo, then please test (before contacting us) if the same issue also occurs on an official iOS or Watch OS version, because it makes little sense to analyze problems on operating systems, which have not been released to the public yet. Many Thanks.
I have checked the FAQ but it does not contain the answer to my question
It's a shame that we have to point this out, but please remember: kindness is like a boomerang: it comes back to you! We reserve the right to ignore and not to answer unfriendly inquiries: the boomerang may not come back to you if you prefer to express yourself in inappropriate language or in capital letters. ;o) Many thanks!
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Please note that we can only help you if you describe your request to us in as much detail as possible. In the event of technical problems, describe them as precisely as possible! If you send us screenshots, please explain them in your message to us so that we don't have to treat your screenshots as picture puzzles first. Many Thanks!
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