myatmo Update iOS 16

Ein myatmo Update für iOS 16, welches unter anderem Darstellungsprobleme behebt, ist bei Apple zur Prüfung eingereicht und ist verfügbar sobald möglich! Bitte seht von einer Kontaktaufnahme diesbezüglich ab. Sobald Apple das Update geprüft hat, wird es im App Store verfügbar sein.

A myatmo update for iOS 16, which among other things fixes display problems, has been submitted to Apple for review and will be available as soon as possible! Please refrain from contacting us about this. Once Apple has reviewed the update, it will be available on the App Store.


 myatmo shows outdated data


If myatmo shows outdated readings from your weather station, which may be several hours old, there can be various reasons.

  • Make sure that your weather station is correctly connected to your WiFi network
  • Make sure you have an internet connection
  • Make sure that all of your modules connected to your weather station (with the exception of the main module) are supplied with fresh batteries
  • Make sure there are no known server problems on
  • Check the official netatmo user forum at whether other users may have similar problems
  • Even if the official netatmo app shows current data, but outdated data is shown in myatmo, there may be a server problem!

Contact netatmo customer service at if the problems persist. We have no insight into the netatmo infrastructure and cannot help if myatmo displays permanently outdated data.


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