myatmo 'Premium' deactivates on a jailbroken device


If you use myatmo on a device with a jailbroken iOS version: please note that we cannot guarantee that myatmo 'Premium' will work permanently on iOS versions that are not authorized by Apple. Jailbreaks may deactivate myatmo 'Premium' at any time.

If you can prove with an original invoice from Apple that you have legally purchased myatmo 'Premium' via an in-app purchase, then follow these instructions:

  1. Send us the invoice for the purchase as a screenshot or PDF. Apple emailed you this invoice after your purchase. If you don't have an invoice, then unfortunately we cannot help you!
  2. Create a ticket using our contact form, explain the problem
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Install myatmo on a device with an official iOS version that is NOT jailbroken
  4. Open myatmo on the device with an official iOS version
  5. Open the myatmo 'Premium' purchase screen
  6. At the end of the screen you will find a Device ID. Tap the ID and paste it into your message to us

We will then see if we can reactivate your myatmo 'Premium' version on your device with an official iOS version. For technical reasons, this can take a few days.

ATTENTION: Please note that we cannot offer you any support if you only use devices that are jailbroken!


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