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New financing of myatmo v2
Please note: this is a Google translation of the original German article. Software development costs money. We have commented on this in detail in a separate article (German /
Restore InApp purchase from myatmo v1 to myatmo v2
All users of myatmo v1 who have supported the development and further development of the software via a voluntary InApp purchase will get myatmo v2 Premium unlocked for up to 12 months, depending on t...
InApp purchase to support further development? Why?
InAppĀ purchase to support further development? Why? The regular user of an app does not think about the fact that software like myatmo is the result of lengthy and complex work - therefore people thin...
myatmo Premium does not sync with other devices or not recognized at all
Important: If you just purchased myatmo Premium, then please wait up to 48 hours for the Premium status to be sync'ed with your (other) devices. This might take some time. Deleting myatmo from your de...

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